Difference between valve actuator and positioner

Valve commonly used actuator is divided into: pneumatic actuator, electric device, with straight stroke, angle stroke. It is used to automatically and manually open and close all kinds of valve, wind plate and so on.

HuanYa Industrial Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.produces the electric device is the world's top intelligent products. With advanced super digital integration chip, professional digital moment sensor and digital displacement sensor, full Chinese menu operation and display, intelligent, efficient and user-friendly structure design, has made its perfect function, lightweight and beautiful, easy to debug, easy to operate, and so on, valve position measurement will never wear and tear; Double seal, double protection; Non - invasive permanent seal; The moment measurement does not change; The Chinese menu intelligent display is simple and clear; Absolute safety, full protection; And has a complete function. 

The valve positioner can be divided into pneumatic valve positioner, electricity valve positioner and intelligent valve positioner according to its structure and working principle. 

The valve positioner is the main accessory of the regulating valve, supporting with the pneumatic regulating valve, it accepts the output signal of the regulator, and then controls the pneumatic regulating valve with its output signal, can increase the output power of the regulating valve, reduce the transmission lag valve positioner of the regulating signal, speed up the valve stem moving speed, can improve the valve linearity, overcome the friction force of the stem and eliminate the influence of unbalance force, so as to ensure the correct positioning of the regulating valve. When the regulating valve moves, the stem's displacement is fed back to the valve positioner through the mechanical device, and the valve position is passed to the upper system through the electrical signal.

Multi - rotary, straight stroke, angle stroke electric device and various valve accessories, composed of the implementation unit. It is widely used in the automatic control system of steam - liquid transportation pipeline such as power station ( hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power ), oil ( gas ) field, oil refinery, oil transportation pipeline, steel, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, pharmacy, printing and dyeing, sugar refining, water treatment, water supply engineering, etc. And can realize the field bus intelligent measurement and control.